On 12 February 2021, FinDatEx published on its platform an interim version 3.1 of the EMT.

The EMT V3.1 has been endorsed by the FinDatEx Steering Group to facilitate compliance with MiFID II/SFDR Level 1 requirements as of 10 March 2021.

It aims to help the financial market participants to cope with the basic implementation of MiFID II ESG/SFDR principles, and in view of the misaligned application dates of SFDR Level 1, SFDR RTS and MiFID II delegated acts.

IDS GmbH - Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS) provides the new EMT interim version 3.1 in parallel to the EMT 3 version.

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For more information on EMT V.3.1, please visit the FinDatEx website HERE